Selected Publications

Winbo A, Ramanan S, Eugster E, Jovinge S, Skinner JR, Montgomery JM. 2020. Functional coculture of sympathetic neurons and cardiomyocytes derived from human-induced pluripotent stem cells. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 319(5):H927–H937.

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*Jovinge S is one of 2737 collaborators

ORIGIN Trial Investigators, Gerstein HC, Bosch J, Dagenais GR, Diaz R, Jung H, Maggioni AP, Pogue J, Probstfield J, Ramachandran A, Riddle MC, Rydén LE, Yusuf S*. 2012. Basal insulin and cardiovascular and other outcomes in dysglycemia. N Engl J Med 367(4):319–328
*Jovinge S is one of 2737 collaborators

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Cardiomyocyte Renewal in Humans

Bergmann O, Zdunek S, Frisén J, Bernard S, Druid H, Jovinge S. 2012. Cardiomyocyte renewal in humansCirc Res 110(1):e17–18 

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*Jovinge S is one of 860 collaborators

Engblom H, Strauss DG, Heden B, Hedström E, Jovinge S, Götberg M, Erlinge D, Wagner GS, Arheden H. 2011. The evaluation of an electrocardiographic myocardial ischemia acuteness score to predict the amount of myocardial salvage achieved by early percutaneous coronary intervention: Clinical validation with myocardial perfusion single photo emission computed tomography and cardiac magnetic resonanceJ Electrocardiol 44(5):525–532

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Cardiomyocyte cell cycle control

Walsh S, Pontén A, Fleischmann BK, Jovinge S. 2010. Cardiomyocyte cell cycle control and growth estimation in vivo: An analysis based on cardiomyocyte nucleiCardiovasc Res 86(3):365–373

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*Jovinge S is one of 1118 collaborators

Myocardium at risk after acute

Carlsson M, Ubachs JF, Hedström E, Heiberg E, Jovinge S, Arheden H. 2009. Myocardium at risk after acute infarction in humans on cardiac magnetic resonance: Quantitative assessment during follow-up and validation with single-photon emission computed tomographyJACC Cardiovac Imaging 2(5):569–576

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